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The Klosterwirtschaft is in a distance of approximately 15 km from Regensburg, in the Valley of the river Naab. It is surrounded by beautiful and romantic pituresque landscapes. The restaurant is ideally located directly at the riverside, Its terrace is overlooking the river and the waterfall.
The 300-year-old restaurant is delicately positioned on the side of a monastry, which possess a famous catholic bell church from the baroque period. Today the monastery is used as a primary school for the worldfamous children choir "Regensburger Domspatzen".

The valley of the river Naab is a very attractive escape, offering recreations such as bike rideing, nature walks, canoeing and rock climbing. For celebrating any kind of parties and ferstivals the historic hall - the former brewery of the monastry - is just the perfect location. Have a look for the images under

"Feste". The restaurant is accesible from two highways - The A3 and the A93, the distance is about 8 km each.

Family Biek - Klosterstr. 6, 93188 Pielenhofen, Phone: 09409-1525, Fax:09409-869366 - Mail